Salt and Petals provides boutique beauty therapy services.

We specialise in offering low toxin/toxin-free beauty treatments, and are constantly researching and implementing better products as they become available.

Our aim is to provide the same services that are available at conventional beauty salons, without the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are actually causing your skin far more harm than good.

Salt and Petals is the vision of New South Wales local, Melissa Davidson.

Pairing her experience as a qualified Beauty Therapist with her curious nature, Mel decided to set her ideas in motion to brew up a way to empower people with knowledge about toxin-free ingredients.

As she continues on her own personal and professional journey, Mel shares her insights and professional advise on the treatments and products she discovers to correct and maintain a range of skin concerns. Her continual research is fuelled by her inherent fascination on the why’s and how’s of the human body and the part our skin plays in our health and wellbeing.