Makeup removal getting you down?

Makeup removal is one of the most important routines to maintain your skin daily. From heavy duty foundation to a light-weight BB Cream, it has to be removed every night before bed to keep the skin healthy. An oily cleanser not only feels beautiful on the skin, but melts away makeup, dirt and grime while providing lasting moisture.

Oil Is Best For Oily

“But what if I have breakouts and oily skin?” – Then an oil cleanser is just what you need. Think of an oil cleanser as a balancer. When the skin has a high oil flow (typically through the T-zone), topically applied oil will help to slow your own natural oil production. This is achieved without stripping the oil flow completely, as low-grade foamy and gel cleaners can do.  If the natural oil is stripped, the sebaceous gland will be triggered to create even more oil which we definitely don’t want.

“But I also have dry skin?”  – Oil is also a winner. Applying oil will add nourishment as well as build up against dryness and flakiness, giving the skin the nourishment it needs.

How To Use Oil Cleansers

Double cleansing is essential. The first cleanse is to remove makeup and excess secretion. The second cleanse is to actually clean the skin and pores. Use deep massaging movements over the skin to help liquify the makeup. You will immediately see and feel a smoother skin once you have doubled cleansed with an oil.

Tough Spots

Sometimes if you have heavy duty eye makeup, adding a muslin cloth or a cotton hand towel can be an easier way to remove the excess makeup. I normally have a rotation of a few towels for this, as turning all of your white hand towels black can annoy your family! As such, I have a set of 3 cotton towels that are constantly rotated. You should always use a new towel for each makeup removal.