The War on Emulsifiers!

The Science Of An Emulsifier

To begin, an emulsion is a blend of water and oil, which have been brought together with an emulsifier. An emulsifier can go by at least two other names; “surfactant” and “surface active agents”. Don’t be fooled no matter the name, as they are all likely to cause your skin far more harm than good.

Understanding The Ingredient

You will find an emulsifier in many common cosmetic products, from your makeup and moisturiser to your full range of hair care. Emulsifiers are used in personal care products as a binding agent, however, once applied topically to the skin, they do not lose their emulsifying properties.

When your skin starts to sweat, the oil is drawn from the skin and pulls water with it (as they have been bound together by emulsifiers from your cosmetic products). This results in aggravating, trans-epidermal water loss and lipid dryness, promoting a range of skin conditions.

This is ultimately where our skin tolerance is altered, as emulsifiers are actively fighting to modify our lipid structure and consequently the defences of our skin barrier.

In short, your skin’s natural barrier is compromised and the skin defences cease working properly. Scary, I know! With all of this knowledge on how emulsifiers can affect our skin, why haven’t they been taken off the market? Despite all of the research, there is still a large number of skincare companies using these ingredients. It is unregulated and considered an easy and inexpensive way to combine oil and water in a product.

How do we stay away from emulsifiers?

Here at Salt and Petals, we have done the research for you and found a certified organic, cruelty-free and Australian skincare brand, Mokosh, that do not use emulsifiers in their range.

Mokosh chose to formulate their moisturisers without water, therefore taking out the need for an emulsifier. Instead, they use pure plant oils and shea-butter. This product will need to be applied to lightly damp skin to create lasting moisture, as it mimics the same texture of a water-containing moisturiser.

The Rich Face Cream speaks for itself in the name. With a fresh and earthy scent, its age management qualities protect collagen and elastin production. Meanwhile, vitamins, antioxidants and anti-proteases work to build the skin up against lipid dryness.

This cream is rich in a broad range of barrier-building and cell-supporting nutrients. Using unrefined shea-butter blended with rosehip, avocado, pomegranate, neem, hemp and prickly pear, this formula works hard to create smooth, healthy and glowing skin.