The Science Behind Squalene

Squalene is a lipid which is produced naturally in the skin. It works as a carrier for oxygen to reach a cellular level, thus revitalising cell generation and increasing cellular metabolism. This also helps to prevent cells from deteriorating and turning destructive due to a lack of oxygen.

The Rundown

Squalene is a naturally occurring substance within the human tissue. It mixes with sweat, making up 10% of our sebum production and forming the skins protective layer. This is known as the acid mantle. Unfortunately, once we leave our teens, our squalene levels start to substantially decrease, resulting in slower cell regeneration.

Why We Choose Olive Oil

There is only one cruelty-free, vegan certified and natural source of squalene, that being olive oil. When taken from the olive pip, this ingredient is one of the most effective substances we can use to build up our skin’s barrier. Topical application of olive oil on the skin mimics our natural lipid makeup. This makes olive oil very restorative to the skin’s surface, as it protects against moisture-loss and environmental toxins.

Where To Find Squalene In The Skin Care Industry

Salt and Petals uses Botani’s skin care range, founded by Naturopath and Herbalist Barbara Filokostas. Through her broad knowledge of skin care, she has created a range of plant-based, bioactive and 100% vegan products that can naturally treat a range of skin concerns. Our favourite product is the Olive Skin Serum, which naturally contains squalene. We find this an ideal product for our facials in particular.

Squalene Benefits

Squalene’s benefits for the skin are endless:

Improves the skin’s texture
Reduces signs of fine lines and wrinkles
Balances oil production
Aids in healing scars
Calms irritated skin
Suitable for sensitive skin conditions, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
Helps reduce signs UV damage
Reduces signs of pigmentation

Botani also recently announced the latest clinical trial findings of their olive skin serum:

88% of testers experienced a decrease in length of wrinkles*
100% of testers experienced a decrease in wrinkle depth*
100% of testers had lighter, brighter skin*
75% reported an immediate feeling of hydration**
71% found it smoothed fine lines**
79% reported an improvement in long term hydration**
63% found that it reduced pigmentation and age spots**
44% said it reduced the appearance of acne scars**
100% of testers (in skin compatibility testing) reported no irritations or allergic reactions; therefore non-irritating and suitable for atopic and sensitive skin.**

* instrumental clinical tests were conducted by a highly regarded third party European laboratory (J.S. Hamilton International Sp. Z o.o., 2016)
** in vivo clinical tests were conducted by a highly regarded third party European laboratory (J.S. Hamilton International Sp. Z o.o., 2016)